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Solar LED lighting LED

Solar street lights primarily provide illumination at night for the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving, they use high efficient monocrystalline (polycrystalline) pv modules to generate electricity, maintenance-free sealed-type battery to store it, energy efficient light source with high luminous efficiency and brightness for lighting, and control system with advanced charging and discharging technology as well as function of time control and light control .With reliable performance, easy installation, management procedure of light control on time-control. DC power supply, no wiring, no AC electricity, economical, energy-saving environment-protection, and practical (ensure continuous 3-7 days to work during cloudy and rainy days), long life span (solar module available 20-25 years, battery available 3-5 years), is the future development direction of outdoor lighting.

Design features
High quality crystalline silicon PV modules with conversion efficiency more than 16%. Maintenance-free battery: Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery, Gel Battery.

Maintenance-free battery:

Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery, Gel Battery.

Adopt microprocessor controlling technology of high performance and low power consumption.Light and time control, reverse polarity protection, over charge and discharge protection, temperature compensation, free set for full power or half power

High lighting effect design, with advantage of high brightness, low brightness declines and no pollution, etc.

Hot dip galvanized and plastic sprayed.

No conventional energy consumption, long life span, environmental protection, no pollution, a kind of new green energy products which is worth promoting nowadays.

Solar LED street lighting LED
  • KS-SSL001
  • KS-SSL002
  • KS-SSL003
  • KS-SSL004
Solar garden lighting
  • ks10006sgl
  • ks10008sgl
  • ks10010sgl
  • ks10012sgl
Solar lawn lighting
  • KS-LL01
  • KS-LL02
  • KS-LL03
LED outdoor lamp
  • KS-D017
  • KS-LD-004
  • KS-LD-008
  • KS-LD033
LED interior lamp
  • KS-DB-001
  • KS-DB-007
  • KS-DB-008
  • KS-QP-001(5W)
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