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Solar cell
The solar cell is a generation photoelectric semiconductor device of using sunlight directly producing electricity, will be of high purity semiconductor materials to make it present different nature through add some characteristics. Sunlight enters and produces electronic and hole, when current through, it will produce the electricity.
King-star industrial possesses the advanced battery piece of production technology, automation production processes, strict process control, realize the cells in appearance without defect, stable conversion efficiency of processing process and so on excellent properties. The unique flocking cleaning technology, advanced PECVD coating technology,. We can design according to customers special requirement to adjust process, to meet the customers requirements.
Mono 125*125 cells
  • 125*125 mono solar cell
Mono 156*156 cells
  • 156*156 mono soalr cell
Poly 156*156 cells
  • poly solar cell
  • poly solar cell
  • poly solar cell
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