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Solar panels testing and maintenance!

Solar panels testing and maintenance!

1. Check whether the damaged solar panels, to achieve timely detection and timely replacement.
2. Check the battery cables and the ground plate is good contact, without loss phenomenon.
3. Check the wiring at the combiner box if there is fever phenomenon.
4. Check the battery plate bracket loose and breakage.
5, cleaning up around the shielding panels panels weeds.
6, check the battery plate surface for covering.
7. Check the guano on the panel surface, and clean it if necessary.
8, cleanliness panels were identified.
9, windy weather to deal with solar panels and brackets to conduct audits.
10, snow days to respond in a timely manner to clean solar panels, the panel surface to avoid the frozen snow.
11, heavy rain should check all waterproof seal is good, whether the water leakage.
12, check if there are animals into the power station to the battery plate damage.
13, hails deal with the panel surface to conduct audits.
14, the temperature of the solar panels for testing, compared with the ambient temperature analysis.
15, check it out on the issues to be addressed promptly analyze and summarize.
16, for a detailed record of each inspection to be done in order to analyze in the future.
17, for analysis summary records and archives.


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