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Which Solar Power System To Choose?

Which Solar Power System To Choose?

It is important to choose a good quality system. Getting quality doesn't have to mean choosing the most expensive option if you know what to look for.

Each solar powered (photovoltaic) system comprises:

panels - to capture the sunlight
a mounting system - to attach the panels to the roof
electrical cabling - to transfer the current from the panels to the inverter
an inverter - to convert the power from DC into AC (suitable for home use)
A lot of retailers concentrate too much on the panels and don't explain the other components sufficiently. Unfortunately it is known that unscrupulous retailers will supply a good quality panel and use inferior components for the rest of the system. Before you purchase a photovoltaic system ensure you are comfortable with the quality of all components within the system.

Unfortunately it is not easy to say which components are best but here are things to look out for:


High maximum efficiency % - this measures how much of the power your panels generate is converted into usable energy. Inverters are normally 90 - 97% efficient. Anything above 93% is good and the higher the better.
High operating temperature range - this is the temperature at which your inverter will work normally. Outside of this temperature the inverter will produce less AC electricity. Given Perth's climate you need an inverter that works within an operating temperature range of 40oC or more.Kyocera polycrystalline panel
Maximum voltage- if this voltage is exceeded there is a risk of damage to your inverter. Each inverter model has a different maximum voltage. Using a qualified and experienced system designer, you can be assured that your inverter is not in danger of being damaged due to over voltage.
Good build construction. If the inverter is to be installed outside, ensure it is suitable for outdoor usage.
Good quality inverters are quiet, poor quality inverters can be noisy
Options you may want - add more panels later without reducing power output now, downloading data from your inverter to your computer so you can see more easily see the energy you are generating, panels with different orientation not comprising electricity generation.

A good quality panel will incorporate a thick frame (at least 45mm) and be made using a well designed and constructed frame. The panel will incorporate fully automated cell sorting,Components of a PV system tabbing and stringing with high quality glass and a good quality backing sheet to ensure optimum performance and maximum panel life. Want to know more, go to what makes a quality panel.

Both the panel and inverter need to be approved by the Clean Energy Council for you to be entitled to renewable energy certificates/solar credits.

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