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Six advantages of household distributed photovoltaic power station

 With the advent and implementation of various supporting policies and regulations for photovoltaic power generation, home distributed photovoltaic power stations have sprung up all over the country and become a blowout trend.
According to the latest energy plan issued by the State Energy Administration, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power in the 12th Five-Year Plan will be increased to 35 GW, which is about 350 billion yuan of photovoltaic power market. The installed capacity of new photovoltaic power generation in 2014 will be 14 GW, and the distributed photovoltaic power station will be 8 GW. Volt power station market.
Household distributed power plants have the following six strong advantages:
1. system installation and maintenance is simple: high safety factor.
2. the power station is self occupied: surplus electricity can sell the country.
3. Policy support is strong: through acceptance, special distributed photovoltaic generation subsidies at the national, provincial, prefectural and county levels can be obtained;
4. 5 year warranty for photovoltaic products: quality assurance by China Life Insurance Company, Limited by Share Ltd.
5. Financial Support: Pushing forward the financial credit model, providing hundreds of millions of dollars of financial support for franchisees, and joining hands with the Bank of China to provide users with "staging" financial services, zero down payment, staging fee concessions
6. High returns: In Nanjing, for example, residents invested 50,000 yuan in a 5 kW photovoltaic power generation system. The average annual power generation rate was about 6,080 degrees. The total annual subsidies per kilowatt-hour were 1.2 yuan from the state and provincial and municipal levels. The annual comprehensive income of power generation was about 7,300 yuan. The photovoltaic products can be used for 25 years, and almost 20 years after the cost recovery, a steady stream of fixed income can be obtained.

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