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Want to install home photovoltaic grid connected power generation, common problems summary

1. How long does it take to invest in household photovoltaic power generation systems?

The installation capacity of the general home photovoltaic power generation system is about 3-10 kW, and the system investment is about 24,000-70,000 yuan according to the cost of 7-8 yuan per watt. Depending on the illumination conditions, user-side tariffs, subsidies and system costs, the cost can be recovered in about five years, and the lifetime of the photovoltaic system can reach and exceed 25 years. That is to say, the electricity revenue generated and the electricity cost saved during the remaining 20 years will become a direct profit. For example, if your home uses 180 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month, an average of 6 degrees a day, it's enough to install a 2KW system (sunshine time is calculated by 4 hours).
According to the state policy, the State Grid unified purchase of surplus electricity settlement subsidies, there is no need to worry about electricity sales can not get subsidies.

2, if the power grid is cut off, can photovoltaic still be used?

 With the sun in the day, the photovoltaic system can generate electricity. No use of the sun at night, unless there is a battery.

3, will there be insufficient electricity in cold winter?

The direct impact on power generation is radiation intensity, sunshine duration and working temperature of solar cell components. In winter, the radiation intensity will be weak, the sunshine duration will be short, and the power generation will be less than that in summer. Home photovoltaic systems are generally connected to the grid, as long as the grid has electricity, there will be no shortage of electricity and power failure.

4, how to clean PV modules?

Rainwater can be cleaned without special maintenance. If you encounter adhesive dirt, simply wipe it. In order to avoid electric shock damage and possible damage to wiping components under high temperature and strong light, it is recommended to clean components in the morning or late afternoon. Components have a certain load, but can not be stepped on the top of the components to clean, will cause hidden damage to components, affecting the life of components.

5, will house shadow, leaves and dust affect the power generation system?

Will affect the power generation. If you find leaf guano, you need to clear it up in time.

6, can it resist typhoons and hail?

The system is designed according to local conditions, wind pressure, accumulation, roof style will be considered, can achieve a certain level of wind resistance, hail resistance.

7, when the scorching sun is in the air, parts need to be replaced immediately.

Can not be replaced immediately, if the replacement proposal in the morning or late afternoon, should contact the operation and maintenance personnel of the power station in time, from the professional to replace.

8. Is it necessary to disconnect the PV system in thunderstorms?

Household photovoltaic power generation systems are equipped with lightning protection devices, so they do not need to be disconnected. For the sake of safety, it is suggested that the breaker switch of the junction box can be disconnected, and the circuit connection with the photovoltaic module can be disconnected to avoid the harm caused by direct lightning which can not be removed by the lightning protection module. Operating and maintenance personnel should timely detect the performance of the lightning protection module to avoid the harm caused by the failure of the lightning protection module.

9. Is there any radiation from the battery panel?

Photovoltaic power generation system is to convert solar energy into electrical energy, no pollution, no radiation, no harm to the human body.

10. What is the power generation effect in rainy weather?

Rainy days can also generate electricity, but the effect is not very good. If it is cloudy, the electricity generation will be about 20% of the sunny day.

11, if we consider all kinds of charges, how much is the cost of generating electricity? 

The cost of a kilowatt-hour is between 0.6 yuan and 1 yuan, which varies greatly according to the sunshine conditions in different areas, as well as the system capacity. The larger the system, the lower the cost.

12. If you add a solar tracker (which automatically adjusts the angle and direction of the battery panel), will you generate more electricity? 

It can generate more electricity, but the cost is not directly proportional to the multiple power consumption, and the cost recovery period is also increased. In addition, the tracker belongs to the mechanical equipment, and its reliability is not high, which will increase the cost.

13, are there any restrictions? Is it difficult to install yourself?

Family installation is generally not conditional, and it is necessary to fill in the application form to the power grid business hall. Installation requires professional knowledge, it is recommended to find a professional manufacturer installation, power grid equipment qualification requirements, individuals may not get.

14, why is household PV power not yet popular?

Large centralized power stations have been under construction because of the need for large-scale ground, mostly in the sparsely populated western region. Distributed power plants such as home photovoltaics are now being promoted for civilian use and will receive greater policy support in the future. Due to the problems of policy, process and pre-investment, the domestic time is still short, the public acceptance is low, and the future development space is huge.

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