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Name: KS-DC100/150/200
Category: DC solar power series
product description:
Model  KS-DC-100  KS-DC-150  KS-DC-200
Charging time  14h  16h  11h
Power of solar panel  10W  15W  30W
capacity of battery  12V8.0Ah  12V14Ah  12V18Ah
The maximum continuous output power  100Wh  150Wh  200Wh
Recommended output power per day  60Wh  90Wh  120Wh
Output voltage  DC 5V/12V  DC 5V/12V  DC 5V/12V
Ambient temperature  -100℃ 450℃  -100℃ 45℃  -10℃ 5℃
Relative humidity  0℃ 85% RH  0℃ 85% RH  0℃ 85% RH
Operating altitude  0℃ 2500m  0℃ 2500m  0℃ 2500m
Size of solar panel(mm)  345×275×25  405×345×25  (405×345×25)×2pcs
Size of host case(mm)  370×325×110  440×370×120  440×370×150
Total weight  5.6kgs  7.4kgs  9.5kgs
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